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Yes I am a writer...and so very happy about that...but here is what else you need to know about me!

I love the joy & chaos of having a big family. I love & adore being a grandmother. My greatest wish is that my children & grandchildren love each other & reflect the light with a grateful heart.

I love all things Pittsburgh and am obsessed with stoops and front porches. All of these bits and pieces of me fuel my writing and drive for literary success.

I am the girl who asked for a new dictionary for her 10th birthday...and thanks to my parents, got it. I still remember pouring over the Colliers Encyclopedia set on our bookshelves above the mantle. And as a young girl I always wanted to be Nancy Drew and discover the secret of that old clock. All of that reading could only lead to one thing....a love of writing.

Writers never work in a vacuum. I thank and credit my parents for sharing their love of reading, my husband for his unconditional love and support as I follow my dreams, and my children for making me feel truly blessed every single day. You can find me spending my days laughing with my newly retired husband...hanging out with Amanda & Chris, Connor, Anna, & Ethan (my neighbor-family who inspired Camo & Carrie Cuddles)...and visiting with my beloved grandsons, Charlie, Malachi, Brody, Silas, and Warren...and my beautiful granddaughters, Brylee and Leliana. And their Fab Four --now a Great Eight!

Instagram - @Scanlon_Keene

Facebook - @keenewriter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania