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Many of my ideas come from my silly, adorable grandchildren who make the process so much more fun. I'm currently writing, ​polishing, and submitting the following picture books based on some of our best conversations and whimsical ideas.

--The Butt Tree tells the story of feisty 8-yr-old twins working to discover which animal's butt made the imprint in the tree trunk.

--You Can't Have Donuts for Dinner is the deliciously nonsensical story of all the things you CAN have for dinner as long as you remember that "you can't have donuts for dinner."

--Harry Hippo's Hair answers the age old hippo's have hair? And if they don't, how can Harry get some?

--Tippy Toad's Toes helps one unhappy toad as he struggles to play hide & seek with his friends. 

--Abu & Nana is the bilingual story of a little boy and his two grandmothers. One is from Puerto Rico and the other is from Pittsburgh. They both love him in the same ways but with different words.

--Carrie Cuddles flies back and forth from Heaven to help 6-year-old Anna. She misses her grandparents' hugs & kisses and need Carrie's love to adjust to their loss

Instagram - @Scanlon_Keene

Facebook - @keenewriter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania